Two weeks ago we were approached by Shawna Gohel. She had explained that she and her children organized a fundraiser to support the frontline workers at CPMC. When Shawna was able to collect over $10,000 she decided not only to support the frontline, but to support some local restaurants by buying gift cards and hand-delivering them with a child’s thank you letter. So this was an ingenious three-in-one project: 1) kids get an unforgettable life-learning experience, 2) our hero-nurses, who work 16-hour shifts and risk their health and the health of their families get some much-deserved appreciation in the form of support from our community and 3) restaurants get some much needed-support by selling a large volume of gift cards at once. Shawna mentioned that many people have told her they want to contribute to frontline heroes but don’t know how. If you are one of them, here is Shawna’s website link to make a small donation, showing appreciation to our medical heroes and helping local restaurants: