Are you planning a party and thinking about dessert? Look no further: we offer a great variety of pastries and cakes. They are fresh, one-of-a kind, hand-made with only high quality ingredients, and delicious. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance during weekdays and 48 hours in advance for any weekend orders. The most popular mini pastries are eclairs, French napoleon, opera, fruit tarts, strawberry in chocolate. The most popular out of regular pastries are tiramisu, eclairs, passion fruit and chocolate mousses. The famous Pavlova cake, Make a Wish, Frasier, Napoleon, Success and Mango Mousse are among the favorite ones. For those who dine in, regular size pastries are always available. Don’t miss out! Dessert plays an important role in our serotonin level! Boho’s dessert will make you smile from the first bite!